Actions For Immediate Sale

From time to time, a Defiance Machine customer will have a change in circumstance, and be unable to take possession of his custom bolt actions. These are still accurate, still precise, still the best rifle actions in the firearms market. Only the final destination has changed. This is your chance to get Defiance quality without the wait.

Naturally, you cannot customize these in any way as they are complete and finished. They also aren’t likely to last long on this list. Take a look. What special rifle can you build with one of these? Could be for yourself or for a customer. Maybe a long-range hunting rifle. Or something for target shooting. Perhaps a tactical rifle for a marksman who is adding to his personal arsenal. These are the same quality and precision you have come to expect from Defiance Machine. Go ahead and make your choice.

Check this page regularly as our products change regularly. We don’t have many available, but when we do, they go fast.

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