Apparel / Gear

Deviant T-Shirt $20


Defy T-Shirt $15


Deviant Long Sleeve T-Shirt $25


Defy Long Sleeve T-Shirt $20


Defiance FlexFit Cap $16.95

Show your loyalty (or perhaps just your attitude), with these high-quality FlexFit caps. Solid backs with no Velcro or straps.



Defiance Fleece Beanie $13.95

Keep your ears warm while shooting or show your DEFIANCE at the next football game. Either way, these thick, fleece beanies are the ticket.

Black, One size fits all


Leech Rear Bag $44.95

It’s called the Leech because no matter what you’re doing it latches on and sucks the hassle out of the task. It’s small in stature but big on use. This rear bag is light and comes equipped with a quick detach to create the most versatile and useful rear bag on the market. This bag is a clip in and forget piece of kit, ideal for those run and gun stages when the last thing you need to think about is grabbing gear. It allows you to simply concentrate on the stage or target array at hand.

It has two straps to slide your hands into for any easy grip on the bag.

Handmade from 1000d Cordura in the USA and built to last.

Bentham Barricade Bag $64.95

This bag was designed by Jeremy Bentham to fit the needs of a PRS shooter. With durability and mobility in mind this small very lightweight bag was designed to be more functional than a standard rear bag and eliminating the need to carry a separate barricade bag. Its lightweight fill and flush cup attachments allows you to attach it to the front or rear of the rifle so when you are moving form shooting location to shooting location you will always have your gear at the ready. You will not even notice the bag is there until you need it!

Used as a barricade bag the gripping non-skid surface allows you to lean into the barricades, tank traps, or whatever the Match Director throws at you with confidence. You can fasten the bag to the rifle with the two straps that double as draw string to increase stiffness if desired.

This handmade 1000D Cordura bag made here in the USA will quickly become the only rear/barricade bag you will carry.

Large Versatile Shooting Pillow $84.95

Whether hunting in the backwoods, competing in 3-gun, or Precision Rifle matches this bag will become one of your most useful tools. With this shooting aid it will make those unconventional shooting positions go from a Hail Mary to a shot with confidence. The pillow fills the void and helps steady the rifle and shooter in the most uncomfortable of position.

Do not let the large size scare you, this super lightweight bag will not be noticed clipped to the outside of your bag or carried under your arm until you need it.

Many of the features go unnoticed until needed. The two straps are easily adjusted with one hand so you do not have to set the rifle down. The non-skid material helps keep it in place whether against a barricade or against your body for maximum control. It incorporates a pull cord that can be tightened to increase firmness if needed.

This do all problem-solver in the unconventional shooting world will quickly become a piece of gear that you never leave home without. Handmade from 1000d Cordura in the USA. Safe to say it is built to last.