Defiance makes custom bolt actions, which means the gun builder and shooter have choices. Lots of choices. The final product is always precise, always accurate, always the best rifle action in the firearms industry. Defiance makes custom rifle actions—your way.

“This day and age, people throw around the term ‘custom action’ loosely. Because of this, most consumers really aren’t aware of what they are purchasing. But, rest assured, when you order a Defiance receiver, you are ordering one of the best, custom-made receivers on the market.” –Jered Joplin, President of American Precision Arms

With 20+ years of experience and an unmatched reputation in the industry, founder Glen Harrison is driven to always make Defiance’s manufacturing process and product better. The hallmark of the Defiance brand is that the product is ultimately determined by you, the customer. You can truly have us build your custom bolt action your way.

Choose each detail to suit your custom rifle action needs. We build it exactly to your precise specs. We can deliver on that promise because of our engineering and manufacturing processes. No one else in the firearms industry has created such specialized and computerized systems that ensure both choice and precision. You place your custom bolt action order, and our computers take it from there, connecting order taking directly to manufacturing to invoicing. Each machine operates precisely and in the exact sequence to create your custom bolt action. Whether you are a gun builder crafting for a customer or your own collection, we can make it uniquely yours.

Ejection Port Options (available on REBEL actions ONLY) are listed from left to right.
Target Port, Hybrid Port, Hunter Port and Sheep Port

Rear Tang Options are listed from left to right.
Target (REBEL only, requires benchrest stock), Standard and Heavy

Defiance Bolt Handle

  • Will not drop into Remington inlet
  • Manners Composite Stocks and McMillan Fiberglass can inlet for this

Modified Bolt Handle

  • Made to drop into Remington inlet
  • Perfect for use in a chassis or pre-inlet stock

Bolt Knob Options are listed from left to right.
Ball, Tear Drop, Tactical, Long Tactical and Extra Long Tactical

Bolt Nose Options are listed from left to right.
Cone (single shots only), Flat and Recessed (recommended for repeaters)

Bolt Fluting Options are listed from left to right.
Shallow Fluting, Standard Fluting, Deep Fluting and Extra Deep Fluting