Defiance Difference

A Defiance action is different from all others for two reasons: visionary design and precise manufacturing. Neither could exist without the other; it’s a symbiotic relationship that is unique and rarely used. This is a machine shop, run almost completely by computer. This is a production shop that creates one-of-a-kind actions. This is a company where the CEO is on the floor, fine tuning a half-million-dollar machine.

The Defiance Team chases an idea that today’s designs can be even better tomorrow. Every employee looks for improvements in the sub-processes of building each action. New designs are tested and tweaked and tested again. New ideas are proven, but shelved until the marketplace is ready. Defiance tests the limits of what is possible in precision, accuracy, and close tolerances.

The Defiance Team brings that same fierce focus to its customer service. Offering custom actions with the capabilities of a production house is one thing—Defiance employees also make time to educate potential customers, to help each one choose the right options, the right elements that will best fit his or her sporting and competition needs. The motto is Do the Right Thing Every Time…No Matter What.

At Defiance, everything can always be better.

Glen Harrison

Glen’s work began 25 years ago at a dinner table, as he tried to explain the then-emerging technology of computer-aided design and manufacturing. Using the example of a typical gun action, he explained how CAD/CAM would allow drastic improvements. As sometimes happens, a single idea grew into a goal, then a mission, then a reputation.

With a background as a benchrest competitor, Glen learned 3-D computer modeling. He bought his first CNC machine and—when it arrived—read the manual to learn how to use it. He designed and built the first actions himself, start to finish. Today, there are two dozen skilled professionals working nearly 24/7, running top-of-the-line equipment, producing custom bolt actions with those elusive tight tolerances that gun builders, competitive shooters, marksmen, and hunters demand.

Defiance is more than great actions. It is also the unusual design of production processes. This is a machine shop, with millions of dollars in high-tech machines, yet each order is a custom action. Custom. Unique. Yet crafted in a machine shop… Glen has created computerized connections between each process of the journey from raw material to finished product, allowing customization to occur with the near-speed of a non-custom shop.

It makes Defiance different.

Our capable staff

Many are surprised that the Defiance Team isn’t comprised of seasoned machine-shop staff or shooters who have worked production. True, some have that background. But most have more varied experiences and interests. The commonality is simple: A passion for perfection. A work ethic that strives for improvement. A commitment to excellent customer service.

From the moment you place your order, each step is computerized precision. The order-taking software is linked to the computer-aided design and manufacturing programs, so that each machine operates precisely and in the exact sequence to create your custom bolt action. But machines don’t run themselves. The Defiance Team—dedicated employees—manage each step of the process, testing, proving, ensuring the custom changes are exactly as ordered and exactly as expected.

At the same time, employees are looking for even tiny improvements. Strongly believing that everything can be made better, Glen has been chasing closer tolerances for decades. That commitment to the Illusive Perfect is contagious…the Defiance Team has that same desire. More precise. More efficient. More accurate. Better. Every day.