Custom bolt actions. More precise. More accurate. More style.

Defiance is the first choice among gun builders seeking to build the most accurate rifle possible. Our unique manufacturing process results in close tolerances unparalleled in the firearms industry. Whether you’re shooting tactical, long range, hunting, or competition—Defiance custom bolt actions will give you that edge.

“Defiance has spared no expense to bring one of the most reliable, but still precise, field-able actions to market. If there were a better one out there we would be purchasing it. Purchase with confidence.” - Jered Joplin, President of American Precision Arms

What makes us different?

An interview with Glen Harrison,
Owner of Defiance Machine

Why can no other competitor touch us in the custom bolt action market? It’s a double-barreled advantage: We have a designer who craves perfection and continually seeks to improve the look, feel, and performance of our bolt actions—as well as ensuring each one is precise and accurate. Our second advantage is in our engineering and manufacturing processes. No one in our industry—or any other—has such streamlined systems that ensure both flexibility and accuracy. From the moment you place your order, each step is computerized precision. The order-taking software is linked to the computer-aided design and manufacturing programs, so that each machine operates precisely and in the exact sequence to create your custom bolt action. In turn, those programs are linked to our shipping and invoicing systems so that Defiance shipping times are among the fastest in the custom rifle action industry.

Our internal processes are as accurate and precise as our custom bolt actions.

Defiance is the brand of choice for long range shooters, competitive shooters, and hunters. Our rifle builders will tell you—Defiance offers the best to the best.