Upcoming closure for new orders.

Defiance is in the process of updating our computer system to increase our productivity and ultimately better serve you, our customer.

Starting 25 November until 1 December, Defiance will not be able to take any new orders. Please don’t fax or call in an order, asking that we input it when the system is running again—we just don’t want to risk an error. This upgrade will not interfere with existing orders or their place in the queue.

Watch our website and social media; as soon as we’re up and running again, that’s where we’ll let you know.

Technology helps us better serve you, but occasionally needs a break to be improved. Thanks for your patience.

Defiance takes a new approach to SHOT

July 21, 2021 — After 11 years, Defiance will not have a booth at SHOT 2022. We will still be in Las Vegas, however.

Our culture has always been about challenging the status quo. It’s why we continually look for ways to improve our products, processes, and customer service. We are always willing to take a fresh look at how we do things and
what makes sense.

Despite the cancellation of SHOT 2021, we had our strongest year ever in production and sales.

SHOT takes a tremendous amount of time to prepare and execute: time away from production. Despite record manufacturing numbers, our surge of new orders has created longer-than-normal lead times. Eliminating the ramp-up to SHOT allows us to focus on filling orders.

However, the most valuable thing about SHOT has been that face-to-face time, meeting and catching up with great people. And Defiance representatives will be in Las Vegas to meet with you. Additionally, some of that SHOT budget is being reallocated to travel. We will be visiting customers and vendors in their shops and ranges, instead of on a busy convention floor.

We want to know how we can serve you better.

I hope this helps you understand our decision. We believe this is best for Defiance and probably most of our friends and partners in the industry. We are incredibly grateful for your continued support.

Glen Harrison, CEO/Founder, and the entire Defiance Machine Team


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