The Renegade rifle action combines some of the best selling features of our other actions into one platform. Featuring the elegance of our legacy bolt handle, the guaranteed headspace that customers have come to love, and pricing that can get anyone into the precision bolt action rifle world. This action is ready for anything shooters can throw at it.


  • Receiver made of pre-hardened aircraft-certified 416 stainless steel with integral recoil lug
  • Bolt made of pre-hardened aircraft-certified 4340 chrome moly with recessed bolt lugs, utilizing a mini-16 extractor and plunger ejector
  • Receiver barrel threads are 1.0625” X 16 T.P.I. (Rem. 700 thread dia. and pitch)
  • Integral recoil lug included
  • Actions available in:
    • Short (Rem. SA)
    • XM (3.200″ max cartridge length) requires XM BDL KIT
    • Medium (Industry Standard Medium, previously named XM Plus)
    • Long (Rem. LA)
  • Short length actions available in .390”, .480”, and .550” bolt face
  • XM length actions available in .480” and .550” bolt face
  • Long length actions available in .480”, .550”, and .595” bolt face
  • Available in right & left hand
  • 20 MOA picatinny scope mount included, available in full length rail or two-piece mount, attached with 8-40 screws, and 1/8” hardened dowel pins
  • BDL mag cut works hinged floor plates and single stack AICS magazines
  • DBM mag cut works with detachable magazines either AICS/AW
  • Legacy style bolt with Defiance or Modified Remington handle


  • Close tolerance preserved: All material pre-hardened prior to machining to prevent changing tolerances
  • Receiver machined from one piece of pre-hardened 416SS
  • Wire EDM-cut, full-length lug ways result in smooth bolt operation
  • Bolt machined from one piece of pre-hardened 4340 chrome moly
  • Primary extraction design significantly increases initial extraction and ensures smooth bolt cycling


  • Hand
    • Right
    • Left
  • Bolt Face
    • .223 Rem (.390)
    • .308 Rem (.480)
    • .300 WM/RUM (.545)
    • .338 Lapua (.595)
  • Magazine Cut
    • DBM
    • BDL
  • Bolt Handle
    • Defiance
    • Modified Remington

Everything Included

  • Receiver body
  • Bolt stop/side bolt release, spring, pin
  • One-piece bolt
  • Bolt fluting
  • Extractor
  • Bolt knob
  • Firing pin/spring
  • Cocking piece
  • Bolt shroud
  • Trigger pins
  • Integral recoil lug
  • Scope mount – 20 MOA stainless steel Picatinny scope rail or two-piece mount


SHORT ACTION (Model 700™ SA Length) – $1350

XM ACTION (3.200″ max cartridge length) – $1350

MEDIUM ACTION (Industry Medium Length action – works with Hawkins Medium bottom metal. Previously called XM Plus) – $1350

LONG ACTION (Model 700™ LA Length) – $1350

Extra bolt, complete with extractor, ejector, and fire control assembly – $495

The Renegade is available to send out for Nitride coating.

The Defiance Guarantee

We want all of our customers to be 100% satisfied with the quality of our product. If you don’t like it, we’ll change it, swap it, or refund your money. We’ll even pay the return shipping.


Renegade Action
Renegade Action Left Side
Renegade Action Right Side