What about "Pre-fits"?

Defiance is a manufacturer of high-quality bolt-actions. Because of the bolt and receiver combination in the Tenacity (with integral lug) action we can achieve headspace consistencies of +/- .001” action to action. The decision of a builder to use a Defiance action with a barrel designated as “pre-fit” is the decision of the builder.  On our actions that have a guaranteed headspace we can maintain this consistency, but have no control over the quality and consistency of barrel manufacturers or gun builders’ machining abilities.

Pre-fitting a barrel is possible, but only when you have consistently machined actions, and an equally precise chambering of barrels. Defiance’s position on pre-fits is; if you choose to use pre-fit barrels on our actions, you should only do so if final fit up is done by a reputable gunsmith to insure proper headspace and fit.

How do I order a Defiance action?

You can call or email the office and place an order with our expert sales staff. We will walk you through the options and help you design a custom action that is perfectly suited for your application.

Check our Available for Immediate Delivery page. If we have an action you would like to purchase, call the office and our sales staff will process the order.

Do you have a payment plan?

We take a 50% deposit when you place the order. We accept all major credit cards (no credit card fees), checks, and money orders. We will run the credit card for the balance when the action is ready to ship. (We have a standard invoicing procedure with our larger, rifle manufacturing companies, of course.)

What is the current wait time if I order today?

Our lead time varies due to factors such as shooting sport seasons, hunting seasons, growing demand, and expansion in our shop. We strive to supply a custom product in the shortest time possible. Call or email the office to get the current lead time.

Can I make a change to my order after I place it?

You can change your order if it isn’t already in production. However, we regularly beat our estimated ship date and we pull the material and start machining sometimes weeks before the action is complete, so don’t wait too long. It’s best to think your build through before placing the order. Call and talk to our sales staff if you have questions about features, options, etc.,  We’ll make sure you’re ordering the right action for your application.

Are Defiance actions too tight for hunting, or operating fast in dusty conditions?

No, our actions have been used around the world in all kinds of conditions.

Our bolt body diameter maintains .001” – .002” clearance while in battery, but is relieved in the center, with .005” clearance for smooth cycling even if some debris has found its way into your receiver. Defiance is currently the manufacturer of choice for the Precision Rifle Series top competitors, who rely on their rifles to perform in very harsh conditions. Likewise, hunters worldwide trust that hunt of a lifetime, and sometimes their own lives to the reliability of their Defiance actions.

Where do I find a good gunsmith/rifle builder?

We ship to customers all over the country so really can’t offer recommendations. The best advice is to ask around. Find shooters whose equipment you admire. Look for reviews. And if the best gunsmith is not nearby, we suggest you drive the extra miles or ship the parts. You want the best.

Is there somewhere that I can test fire one of your actions?

Check on the forums or social media for who is shooting where and when. Our Brand Ambassadors travel all over the country to compete; some might be willing to let you try one of their guns—after the match, of course. And Defiance is sometimes a sponsor or participant at events. Check out the News section on the website for dates and places. We also suggest asking local gunsmiths who have worked with our actions. They often have suggestions.

Should I get a lighter firing pin?

No. It will decrease accuracy and dependability. Our firing pin is guided, solid-one piece, machined in one operation, and specifically designed to deliver the best accuracy.

Which bolt nose is better?

It depends. Every choice has advantages and tradeoffs—that’s why we customize for your needs. Ask our sales staff for their recommendations.

Do the flutes affect accuracy?

No. They affect weight. They affect look and feel. They are a choice; some shooters love them and some could care less. They do not impact accuracy.

Will a Defiance action drop into a Remington inlet?

Some will. Some will not. All models can be configured to fit into a Remington 700™ inlet (some stocks may require minor modifications). Most custom stock makers inlet for all of our actions.

How much do your actions weigh?

From 20.6 oz. to approximately 40 oz. Approximate weights are listed in the Specification section of each action model.

Do you make a titanium action?

Not at this time.

Should I “coat” my actions, or what treatments are available?

Defiance receivers are made from 416 stainless and are very corrosion resistant. If left “bare,” they will resist corrosion in most all conditions. Our bolts are 4340 chrome moly, which is susceptible to corrosion. The smooth finish we provide helps to repel moisture, but if you want added protection against corrosion, you have options.

  • Be diligent with your maintenance by cleaning, drying, and lubricating the bolt. A bolt “in the white” will resist rust very well if properly maintained.
  • 4340 will accept bluing or Parkerizing. (Both are black or dark gray and help resist rust.)
  • Cerakote is an option for protecting your action and bolt. However, Cerakote adds thickness to the surface of the metal and we maintain tight clearances in our actions, so Cerakote must be properly applied by a certified applicator which can be found on Cerakote’s website.  We recommend that you do NOT apply Cerakote to the bolt and the lug raceways in order to prevent binding of your bolt.
  • Defiance offers Black Nitride, a molecular coating that, adds lubricity, and surface hardness, as well as turns the steel a rich black color without adding measurable thickness.