Mutant Action

  • Made specifically for the Eliseo RTM/ RTS Chassis System for a custom fit every time
  • All materials are pre-hardened before machining to prevent changing tolerances during heat treat
  • Wire EDM-cut, full-length lug ways provide smooth bolt operation and unsurpassed strength and ridigity
  • Actions available in Medium and Long action lengths to accommodate all popular factory chamberings and extended length handloads
  • Extended tenon length for increased barrel thread contact and bedding surface
  • Integral Recoil Lug adds incredible rigidity and rock soild bedding in the Eliseo chassis system
  • True one-piece bolt is unmatched in strength – Multiple bolt fluting options available
  • Defiance Primary Extraction design significantly increases initial extraction and ensures smooth bolt cycling
  • Bolt face diameters available for all standard and wildcat cartridges
  • Extractors are M-16 type and stronger than other designs. Sako extractor avaialble depending on application
  • Medium Actions are typically equipped with a magazine well cut to accommodate both the AI and AW detachable magazines
  • Long Action magazine well cuts accommodate AI single stack magazines and can be of SAMMI length or the longer CIP length for extended OAL cartridge loading
  • Right and left hand configurations available

MEDIUM ACTION – $1000-$1110 MSRP

416R SS, 1.350 OD, 1.470 Recoil Lug, .700 Bolt, 4340 CM, .750 Bolt Add $100

LONG ACTION – $1050-$1160 MSRP

416R SS, 1.350 OD, 1.470 Recoil Lug, .700 Bolt, 4340 CM, .750 Bolt Add $100

XL ACTION – $1150-$1260 MSRP

.750 Bolt Only, 416R SS, 1.350 OD, 1.470 Recoil Lug, 4340 CM

Reciever Body

One-Piece Bolt

Plunger Ejector (Optional)

Mini 16 Extractor

Bolt Knob

Firing Pin / Spring

Cocking Piece

Bolt Shroud

Integral Recoil Lug

Repeater Magazine

Single Shot Magazine

Plunger Ejector

Bolt Fluting

Replacement Bolt, Complete

Firing Pin Assembly Only