XM BDL kit

Specifically designed for the Defiance XM length action and is not compatible with standard length receivers. Includes floorplate, box magazine, follower, spring, guard screws.

  • Custom, top-quality aluminum floor plate with Obendorf-style latch, by Snowy Mountain Rifles.
  • Custom box magazine allows for hand loads up to 3.2 OAL
  • Custom follower feeds both standard-length and extended-length hand loads reliably every time
  • Aluminum weight approx. 6 oz

Aluminum: $300.00

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Anodized Aluminum: $320.00

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Rigby BDL kit

This high-quality, CNC-machined trigger guard/hinged floorplate was designed to properly load and feed large magnums, such as .416 Rigby, 338 Lapua, 300 & 338 Norma, and the 378 Weatherby based cartridges. This floorplate maintains standard Remington long action footprint, but is wider and requires a custom inlet.

  • Custom, top quality stainless, or aluminum floorplate with Obendorf-style latch by Sunny Hill Manufacturing.
  • Custom box allows loading of cartridges up to 3.850”
  • Kit includes trigger guard, floorplate, box, spring, follower and screws
  • Aluminum weight 7.2 oz. Stainless steel weight 11.2 oz.

Aluminum: $453.00


Stainless: $453.00