.700″ Action Wrench

.750″ Action Wrench

.700″ Controlled Round
Feed Action Wrench

Precision Action Wrenches

    • Three sizes for proper fit to receiver .700” and .750”, and CRF
    • Hardened 4340
    • Works on Right and Left hand
    • 13/16” hex for use with torque wrench


Firing Pin Disassembly Tool 1/2-24

This tool is designed to assist disassembly and re-assembly of firing pins on actions that utilize ½-24 bolt shroud threads, such as the Defiance anTi, anTi X, and some Ruckus actions.  By compressing the firing pin spring and exposing the cocking piece pin, it allows easy access to drive out the cross pin and remove the cocking piece for 100% firing pin disassembly.