All Steel

Weighing as little as 22oz.

As Defiance continues to innovate and find new ways to better serve our customers, we have pushed the envelope again. The anTi X is an ultra-lightweight action with integral scope mounts and recoil lug that shares the same guaranteed head-space measurement as our Ruckus, Tenacity, and anTi custom precision rifle actions.  Using pre-hardened 416R stainless for the receiver and a 4340 chrome moly bolt, gives customers the smoothness, reliability and longevity that they have come to expect from Defiance.

Innovative weight reduction. Premium Materials. No compromises.

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  • Actions available in:
    • Short (Rem Model 7) –  21.9 oz
    • Medium (Rem. SA) –  22.1  oz
    • XM (intermediate length) –  22.8  oz  XM BDL KIT
    • Long (Rem. LA) –  23.4  oz
  • Receiver made of pre-hardened aircraft-certified 416 stainless steel with integral recoil lug.
  • 4340 chrome moly bolt made in one operation, enabling guaranteed headspace +/- .001″
  • Recessed bolt lugs, Mini-16 extractor, and plunger with guaranteed headspace
  • Integral rail comes standard at 20 MOA
  • Receiver barrel threads are 1.0625” X 16 T.P.I. (Rem. 700 thread dia. and pitch)
  • Bolt face available .390″, .480″, .550″, and .595″
  • Available in right & left hand
  • Works with hinged floorplates and center feed detachable magazines
  • .308 available with AICS/AW magazine cut (detachable mag only)
  • All material pre-hardened prior to machining to prevent changing tolerances during heat treat.
  • Bolt machined from one piece of pre-hardened 4340 chrome moly in one operation enabling guaranteed headspace +/- .001″.
  • Receiver machined from one piece of pre-hardened 416SS.
  • Wire EDM-cut, full-length lug ways with anti-bind result in smooth bolt operation.
  • Primary extraction design significantly increases initial extraction and ensures smooth bolt cycling.
  • Hand
    • Right
    • Left
  • Rail minute of angle
    • 0 MOA
    • 20 MOA
  • Bolt Face
    • .223 Rem (.390)
    • .308 Rem (.480)
    • .300 WM/RUM (.550)
    • .338 Lapua (.595)
  • Magazine Cut
    • BDL for use with hinged floorplate or center feed magazines (Wyatt’s cut)
    • AI/AW Medium action only (DBM only)
  • Extensively machined Receiver body with integral rail sections and integral recoil lug
  • Bolt stop/side bolt release, spring, pin
  • Extra light one-piece bolt
  • anTi X Deep bolt fluting
  • Mini-16 extractor
  • Hollow anTi bolt knob
  • Fluted firing pin/spring
  • Cocking piece
  • Aluminum bolt shroud
  • Trigger pins

SHORT ACTION  (Model 7™ Length) – $1380

MEDIUM ACTION  (Model 700™ SA Length) – $1380

XM  ACTION  (proprietary intermediate length action) – $1380

LONG ACTION  (Model 700™ LA Length) – $1430  .700″ bolt,.750″ Bolt add $100 

EXTRA BOLT  – $350 complete with extractor, ejector, and fire control assembly

*The anTi is available to send out for Nitride coating

*Not available with 3 position safety or controlled round feed with claw extractor and blade ejector

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Text and Image

The Defiance Guarantee

If you don’t like it, we’ll change it, swap it, or refund your money. We want all of our customers to be 100% satisfied with the quality of our product. We’ll even pay the return shipping.


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