Defying Defiance


The above video is a soundtrack encompassing an NRL Hunter match. 

The echoes of shots reverberating through the canyons and trees create a unique soundscape, reminiscent of a Civil War-era movie (Minus the gore and more controlled aim). Micro explosions mingle with the distinct ping of steel, immersing participants in an array of sounds.

The “Sounds of Summer” video captures the sound and visuals of the match, reminding viewers of the immersive atmosphere. Amidst the competition, it’s easy to overlook or forget the intense sounds and visuals unfolding around you.

The suspense and anticipation build as each round is fired through the air, awaiting the longing “Impact!” announcement from the Range Officer. This adds an unwavering excitement to the match, amplifying the intensity of every shot.

The recent Defiance anTi-Social NRL Hunter Competition near Belt, Montana, showcased a high-level competition. Over 160 shooters displayed their skills across 18 stages, firing more than 72 rounds from 400-800+ yards.

The NRL Hunter match not only tests the skills of the shooters but also offers a sensory experience like no other. The echoes, pings, and anticipation merge to create a captivating event that lingers in the memories of those who witness it.

Watch above, the “Sounds of Summer” and enjoy the audible experience of a NRL Hunter Competition.